Great JOY

Positive State of Mind

Perfect Peace


Awakened Inner Gifts

Blissful and Carefree

Vibrant and Healthy

Prosperous and Ecstatic

Happy People

Bright Shiny Lights


Nefer is an Ancient  word
packed full of goodness for ALL

Nefer is simple, complex
and beautiful.

Nefer is accountable.

Nefer is
the infinite heart mind.

Nefer is
genuine happiness and joy.

Nefer is a tenderness
that we can simply give
and receive via the musical
nefer waves, like a
spinning silk wheel.

Nefer is a clean field
of energy.

Nefer is Pure Joy and Bliss.

Join this Musical Movement!
Play music and focus on building
Your Joy bank!

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"Turn your Music On...Turn your Music UP!"
Nefer Vision