Nefer Gongs
Nefer Gongs
Swing it, play it, move it!
Experiment with different mallets!
Nefer Gongs
Iron Properties:
Mighty, Protective, Nurturing, Earth
Star Metal, Divine, Enlightened,
Brightened, Mirror
Nefer Gongs
Hold your Gong while playing.
Swing gently, move slowly and feel
the music travel up your arms,
through your body...
Pulsing and  uplifting your
Mind, Body and Spirit.

Nefer Gongs
Take a walk with your Nefer Gong,
bring your family and friends.
Bond while enjoying nature and
music together.
Nefer Gongs
Play for a crowd in a park or with
others at a picnic. Play at the beach,
in the mountains, at home or in your
office. Have fun!
Nefer Gongs
Relax and Live!
Other Metals Available
Nefer Gongs
Play your loving heart resonance!
Nefer Gongs
Soothing to the Soul.
Nefer Gong Pendants

There are several pendants to choose from.
Please email with interest as a shopping cart is
not yet available at this time.
Thank you for your understanding.
Kat Lyons. Visionary Artist