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Nefer Gongs
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Nefer Gongs
"musical art in motion"


You have arrived at Nefer Gongs.

Thank you so much for being here!

Let's talk Nefer Gongs!

Nefer Gongs are handcrafted.

All Nefer Gongs have a unique, individual and
primitive quality in their character.

The shape, color and sound of each gong will vary
depending on the conditions in nature
the day of creation.

Hand hammered and fired with passionate intentions
these mystical gongs take on a life of their own.

Nefer is harmony!

Play a Nefer Gong to release, regenerate and refresh
your energy field. Express yourself musically and in
life. Share these sounds with others in sessions,
meditations, and exercise. Create.

You are the artist! Be free!

Nefer Gongs will take you there!

Born in a magical musical universe,
orchestra beings play cosmic music,
empowering to flight!

You are the Musician! Turn your Music UP!